Our mission is to spread the gospel and extend the Kingdom of God by encouraging, supporting, and promoting education, evangelism, and charity through Christian influence and auspices.


Canyon Institute believes that Christian education encompasses much more than simply academic learning. A Christian education is based on imparting knowledge, facts, world view, and experiences gained with the truth that the God of the Bible is Sovereign in all matters of life.


Canyon Institute supports Christian evangelism and missions as well as those who have answered the call of the Great Commission. We believe that demonstrating Gods love through deeds and service is a natural outcome of Godly compassion but a verbal explanation of the gospel is also necessary to impart on those who don’t know Christ as their personal Savior.


Canyon Institute supports charity in its most basic meaning of agape love of God and love of man. We support a loving kindness toward all others with no regards to race, religion, gender, social status or disabilities.