Who We Are

Our Mission

Remembering the sacrifices and dedication of those men and women who established and supported Grand Canyon University as a non-profit, Christian institution of higher learning:

Spreading the gospel and extending the Kingdom of God by encouraging, supporting, and promoting education, evangelism, and charity through Christian influence and auspices.
Canyon Institute’s core values are:

  • Education. We support education under Christian influence and provide scholarships to those attending courses of study at Christian institutions.
  • Evangelism. We support Christian evangelism and missions as well as those who have answered the call of the Great Commission.
  • Charity. We support those who demonstrate God’s love through the provision of food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs to those who are less fortunate.

Meet the Trustees

Canyon Institute is lead by a group of christian volunteers with a heart for furthering the Kingdom of God. The nine member trustee board brings a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds to pursue Canyon Institute’s mission.

Meet the Trustees
Meet the Officers