Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission statement

Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed.


What MAF Does

Through wholistic initiatives and programs that are grounded in the demonstration and proclamation of the Gospel, MAF collaborates with others to bring Jesus Christ to those who are isolated. More than 600 mission agencies, indigenous churches, and Christian and humanitarian organizations depend on MAF to help them accomplish their work.

MAF utilizes aviation, learning technologies, communications and logistics, and first-person witness to support and advance the Gospel and ministry efforts throughout Africa, Asia, Eurasia, and Latin America. Around the world, MAF answers God’s call to bring hope where there is despair, lifesaving assistance where there is suffering, and Christ’s transforming love to millions.


Why MAF Does it

Hundreds of thousands of isolated people served by MAF are barricaded behind daunting geographical barriers—mountains, jungles, ever-changing rivers, and deserts.

Often lacking the most basic resources, those we serve struggle daily under isolation, hopelessness, and oppression, battling poverty, malnutrition, lack of clean drinking water, untreated medical problems, and limited access to education. Frequently, conflicts and natural disasters multiply their suffering.

Most importantly, isolated people need the hope that only Jesus Christ can bring. Nearly 133 million people who live in countries served by MAF are counted among the least reached with the Gospel. In these regions, little or no ministry would be possible without the presence and assistance of MAF.