Living Hope Women’s Centers

Living Hope Women’s Centers

The mission statement of Living Hope Women’s Centers declares that we exist to assist men and women in making choices that remove obstacles, build strong families and honor life.

Our pregnancy resource centers are staffed by trained client advocates who prayerfully walk each client through her choices when she discovers she is facing an unplanned pregnancy.  In our Show Low center,  clients and maternity home residents have the opportunity to learn job skills and build a resume while working at our Hopeful Treasures Resale Boutique.

Unfortunately, at our Springerville and Whiteriver locations, we have watched mothers choose life for their babies and then struggle month after month.  It is often difficult for a young, unskilled woman to find a job and is even more difficult if that young woman is pregnant or has a tiny baby.  Add to that the lack of child care available in a small, rural community and you have a recipe for poverty, welfare programs dependence and hopelessness.

For three years we searched without success for an organization to partner with us to open a child enrichment facility to help combat this situation in Springerville.   Thanks to Canyon Institute, we will be able to open a child enrichment facility ourselves thereby enabling us to provide our clients with an opportunity to pursue an associates degree at Northland Pioneer College while supporting themselves and their child.

Through the Springerville child enrichment facility Living Hope Women’s Centers can fulfill its mission statement in a measurable way by meeting a desperate need for quality child care with a curriculum filled with Bible stories as well as provide jobs for young women preparing for motherhood.